I started performing in Shakespeare and plays written by my friends mothers when I was six. It was not until, I was fourteen though, that Maria Owen cast me as the lead in a play she had written. Her belief in my capabilities as an actor then, catapulted me into a career of performance. I have since performed on stage, film, voice, street performance and theater in the air. I Perform where ever there is a story to be told. I hope to share a story with you soon.

The Gesundheit! Institute
10th Annual Belen Festival

Its not too late!
Join us in Belen, August 5-16

This is a very special anniversary edition of the Belen Festival!  10 years! Remember how you felt when you saw that first clown at the airport (and you knew you weren’t alone)?  When you first arrived to Iquitos?  When first arrived to Belen?!  The excitement!  The sounds!  The smells!

Well, here’s your chance to help shepherd new clowns.   We value your experience in clowning and in Iquitos and in community building.  Bring back the funk!  We want your funk!  Now that you are experienced with this trip you can take your involvement even deeper.  What can you bring to the table?  What new goal do you have?  What new talent have you practiced?  It’s not too late.  Registration is open and we are getting close, so sign up today for August 5-16!  See you there, you lovely clowns!

Belen Murals

Belén Festival Mural Painting

Every year, at the Belén Festival, Kate Deciccio works with the community to create murals that touch on the Festival’s theme. Last year’s theme was nutrition. Check out her blog post!

Belen Fashion Tutorial

Belen Fashion Tutorial

Heres some Clown Trip Fashion Tips to help you prepare for your trip to Iquitos!

What clown would be complete without the clown costume?!

Don’t Delay, Register TODAY!

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