Those that give.


Wrapped. Recording. Auditioning. Oh yea swimming :-)

All wrapped on “Lets Have A Threesome” had a blast working with the crew and fellow actors.  Many fun moments.

Recording today several pieces narration, commercial audition and yes an intro.

Auditioning schedule updating at the moment. Man juggle city!  Must keep in mind the time it takes between auditions too 🙂

Oh yea SWIMMING YA!!! 20mins of laps is a good reward/break for a busy day.

Training in Training

The importance to train. Lately I have been tasting the techniques of different instructors in the acting world. It has been a wonderful reminder of the importance to push my skills and challenge my previous lessons. Often times I find I hold on to a lesson of a teacher so tightly that I forget there is another path to the story. Some times realize this is bumpy. However it is an amazing feeling to get feedback from a teacher telling you that what you have believed was a truth, is really one possibility and that writers, directors, casting directors and stories are diverse. I am trying on a new approach this week, and plan to tackle another next week. I love this job!

ARTSCAPE 2014 Come to the Aerial Arts Arena!

Aerial Arts Stage

Curated by Daydreams + Nightmares Aerial Theatre (DNA Theatre), Aerial Arts Arena hosts aerial artists, dancers, and circus acts from around the region high above Charles Street.  Performers will showcase diverse styles of movement and dance on aerial cloth, trapeze, hoop, and a number of other apparatuses.  Additionally, Aerial Arts Arena will house music from live DJs throughout the weekend, including during Artscape After Hours.