Voiceover is one of the most fun acting mediums. I get to play the lead and the villian. It is also offers time to read! There are so many books that I have narrated that I have been delighted to participate and experience the story being told. The range of characters is endless and sometimes it is the tutorials that can be an educational journey. I know that my knowledge of computer software, and business planning has improved from some voiceover gigs.  Also the kid in me gets a thrill to see a cartoon in an animation speaking with one of my voices.  It has also been a way for me to connect with my friends, their families and my own when I am able to record bedtime stories or content that is hard for them to read. Being able to give the ears what the eyes are missing out.

Voice Resume


Some audio samples from such projects.

Sample from “CURSE OF THE BEAST” by Ashley lavering

Voiceover Sample from a Quick Source Learning Commercial

This Animation Reel is from characters I played on the Cartoon Dr. Joe and a couple other projects.

The Character voices and Children’s Book Narration was driven from friends and family having kids and my desire to connect and give to those I love.

Non-Fiction Narration. This is an example of learning from reading 🙂